Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rush Limbaugh is wrecking the Right

John Derbyshire is a thoughtful conservative intellectual, the kind of voice that the country is benefitted greatly by. While Liberals might feel shouted down by Rush Limbaugh, it is actually a rational conservatism that is the least known today.

Limbaugh has recently made some notable Republicans kiss the ring after trying to distance themselves from him. In Michael Steele's case, he just over-reached and Rush called him on it, and in this case Rush was indeed right, but Rush being right all the time doesn't help the Republican party. I doubt the leader of the RNC will last very much longer.

Here is a great article from John Derbyshire about the problems with the GOP. My personal political leanings are generally pretty conservative, but the Rushpublican party does not represent my views at all. If the Republican party has put up a credible alternative to Obama I might not have voted for him. In the end I am pragmatic and my views can be summed up by this quote by Alexander Pope:

'Of forms of government let fools protest/Whatever is best administered is best'

I highly recommend the article by John Derbyshire, it represents everything the Republican party needs to be for the good of our Republic, but it also represents everything the GOP is not.


Albert said...

I too consider myself a pragmatist and I am slightly alarmed by all the rampant spending going on, however I still consider the democrats to be the lesser of two evils. I like that obama is investing in the future...my only concern is he is sacrificing the present somewhat...only time will tell if he is doing the right thing...if not I suspect our next president will be republican.

P.S. I like the ring kissing comment...

erek.tinker said...

Yes, Obama's economic policy scares the hell out of me, we'll see if he's right.